Nonprofit Communications

Strategic communications planning is a vital, yet often overlooked area for many nonprofits. Without a comprehensive plan, you may fail to reach and engage donors, board members, employees, volunteers, and other key stakeholders in your organization’s mission.

Our strategic communication consultants will help you assess current communication efforts and develop a strategic communications plan that provides the tools, materials and infrastructure you need to reach and engage your audiences.  We’ll help you:

  • Define and set up the appropriate communications function for your organization
  • Set measurable communications goals
  • Determine key audiences and the best way to reach them
  • Clarify your message
  • Institute an effective calendaring process to ensure consistent results

Our communications capabilities include:

  • Strategic communications planning and implementation
  • Communications program development and capacity building
  • Communications tools development (electronic, online, social media, media relations)
  • Special events development
  • An engagement strategy for employees, board members and volunteers Message integration into all functions of the organization
  • Media training

If you want to position your non-profit for continued growth and success, please contact us today.