About Us

MC Strategy helps build healthy and effective organizations that reach and exceed their goals.

Do you struggle to connect employee action, resources, and processes to business strategies? Do you want to strengthen your communication, improve engagement and better manage change?

You aren’t alone, and we can help. Together we translate your vision and business strategies into effective operational plans and make sure your employees are engaged in the right activities to reach organizational goals.

We believe in building capacity, not consultant dependence, so we make sure that solutions are effective and sustainable by the organization over the long run, and that our clients learn how to:

  • Understand the roadblocks that are preventing or limiting success
  • Better communicate and engage with their employees, stakeholders, community, and key business partners in a meaningful and measurable way
  • More effectively manage change and create buy-in for new ways of working
  • Make sure employees are ready, willing and able to implement solutions

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