Corporate Communications

Poor communication, coordination and collaboration among team members causes lost productivity to the tune of 3.7 hours per employee every week, according to a recent study conducted by SIS International Research. This inefficiency short circuits projects and key initiatives, frustrates employees and costs you real dollars each and every day.

MC Strategy improves internal communications to ensure employees are working towards your company’s business goals, rather than in silos, and your culture is aligned with those same goals. We’ll help you create a strategic communication plan so that every employee knows where the organization is headed, how they fit in to that plan, and how progress will be measured.

Our communication capabilities include:

  • Strategic communication plans
  • Consistent messaging for internal stakeholders and across company functions
  • Executive communications and media training
  • Special event development and management
  • Employee and key stakeholder engagement
  • Communication audits
  • Team building

If you want to position your company for continued growth and success, please contact us today.